ترجمه انگلیسی قرآن - محمد علی صالح غفاری(TRANSLATION OF KORAN)






1-What is the enigma everyone is asking about?

2-It is about a problem so profound and great. [It has been said that it is the hereafter. The God’s messenger of declared the owner of the herafter that is Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him)].

3-The one on whose greatness all people are unanimous.

4-It is not so, they will come to know him.

5-Again, by the passage of time they will come to know him.

6-Didn’t We assign the earth as an eternal training base?

7-Didn’t we make the mountains deep rooted for its stability?

8-Didn’t We create you as couples so that you survived?

Didn’t We devise sleeping for your relaxation?

10-Didn’t We allocate the night as a cover for you?

11-Didn’t We allocate the day for earning y our livelihood?

12-Didn’t We position above your heads the seven skies- or the seven stages of elevation?

13-And in these skies- or classes of elevation, We positioned the shining light- and the light of knowledge?

14-And We sent down from the clouds, rain and from the scientists, knowledge?

15-So that We provided you as such with corporal and spiritual food?

16-(And thereby We created) thick and intertwined gardens?

17-The day when right and wrong are differentiated is your appointment;

18-The day when you will come back to life and enter the final court.

19The days of salvation and granted prayers will be opened.

20-The course of the super powers’ rule will come to an end and they will be like mirages.

21-The hell fire is sitting in ambush on the disbelievers’ route.

22-It is the final abode of the transgressors.

23-They will suffer therein for years till they reform themselves into righteous people.

24-They will not have access to any cool water or beferage.

25-Except a boiling and polluted water.

26-Polluted water for dirty deeds.

27-They used to be non believers in the day of being brought to account.


28-They vehemently disregarded Our signs.

29-We register everything in full detail.

30-Taste it; you will augment naught but your own torments.

31-Contrary to them, the virtuous will be in abundance of blessings.

32-In gardens and vineyards;

33-(With) Husband loving virgins;

34-Chrystall bowls of wine;

35-They will not hear any absurdities or lies.

36-(It is) A reward from thy Lord on account of their good deeds.

37-The Lord of the people of heavens and earth and whatever exists in between; the Compassionate God; the day when nobody has the right to talk and everybody is in absolute silence.

38-The day when man and angels stay side by side; nobody has the right to talk save the one who has got the Beneficent God’s permission and speaks righteously.

39-That day is the day of the sovereignty of right (ais assigned) for anyone who loves to have a place in God’s reign.

40-We warn you against the torments of that day that is very close; the day when one looks at the outcomes of one’s deeds and the disbelievers will day: I wish I was still buried in the soil and wouldn’t come back to life.








1-I swear by the agents who drag out man’s soul that is charmed by the worldly attractions.

2- And they drag out another’s soul that is immersed in jubilance;

3-And they drag out another one’s soul as if it is floating in the sea;

4-And another one’s that rushes as if it is bypassing every one else;

5-and another’s who is so enlightened that he is the manager of the heavenly affairs;

6- And that is the day when this worldly life becomes shaky.

7- And concurrent with it the resurrection happens.

8-Some people’s hearts on that day are fearful and trembling.

9- Eyes are filled with fear and horror.

10-They wish they could return to the grave.

11- They say how nice it would be if we could be just bones and dust.

12-They say we are in the condition of harm.

13- The resurrection happens with just one command of Allah.

14- And suddenly everybody wakes up.

15- Have you contemplated the story of Moses’ revolution?

16- When God called upon him in the sacred land of Mount Sinai?

17- (Saying): go to the Pharaoh who has transgressed.

  18- Tell him: would you like to be salvaged from all these crimes?

19- I would lead you towards God so that you could comprehend His greatness.

20- After he denied the message, Moses showed him the great miracle.

21- (But) he refuted the divine miracle and took to disobedience.

22-He took the backward path and backbit.

23-He summoned his subjects and proclaimed: I am your grand Lord!

24-God engulfed him in the adversity of the world and hereafter.

25-This story is a lesson for those who contemplate the torments of this world and the hereafter.

26-Which is more important? The creation of you or the creation of the sky of (the infallible Imams’) guardianship?

27- The space of which He has elevated infinitely; to altitudes where they represent the divinity.

28-He arranged the night to be dark and arranged the day to be light. The same He decreed for disbelief and belief.

29-Then he made the earth and the life to rotate and out of that rotation He created water and pasture.

30-He stabilized the mountains and the powers;

31-In order to provide sustenance for you and animals.


32-When the great universal calamity emerges (and the earth is replete with oppression and tyranny} - when man witnesses the ultimate outcome of his strife;

33-The fire of hell will emerge for those who witness (that day).

34-Those who have transgressed;

35-And chosen the world over the hereafter;

36-The hell is their last position.

37-But all those who have perceived the greatness of God and have kept away their souls from the carnal desires;

38-Their ultimate condition is the celestial life.

39-They ask you about the timing of the hereafter;

40-(Asking): where are you staying in relation to the hereafter? 

41-The timing of its occurrence is the exclusive knowledge of God.

42-You only guide those who appreciate the magnificence of it.

43-When they witness it; it seems to them that they have been apart from it by a single night or a day only.




             SURAH “ABASA”    (HE FROWNED)    NO. LXXX


              In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful



(This surah was revealed on someone who disliked the sitting of a blind and poor man next to him. Once the surah was revealed, God’s messenger, who didn’t want to defame him, declared that he himself had been the subject of blame in it).


1-He frowned and turned his face away;


2- That a blind man sat next to him.


3- Say: how do you know? Perhaps he is a virtuous man!


4- Or he may conceive the truth and benefit from it.


5- But if he was a wealthy man,


6- You would endeavor to make friends with him!


7- Even if he doesn’t purify himself, it will be none of your business.


8- But, as for he who is trying to understand the religion,


9- And takes account of God’s magnificence,


10- You disregard him.


11- It is not the way he thinks; Koran is but a reminder of truth.


12- May he learn who likes it.


13-It is engraved in the hearts of respected people;


14- Immaculate and pure personalities;


15- The hearts of God’s messengers;


16- Virtuous and respectable;


17- May man perish whose disbelief is astonishing!


18- What has he been created of?

19- He created him from the malodorous semen and then built him up.


20- He paved the path of life for him.


21- Then He dragged him to the grave.


22- Then again, He will resurrect him once He wishes.


23- Yes; since he has not accomplished his task yet.


24- May man ponder on how his food is created.


25- That how We poured down water,


26- Thereby we pried open the earth,


27-Grew plants and grains;


28- Trees and vineyards;


29- Olives and dates;


30- Dense gardens and thick vegetation;


31- Fruits and vegetables;


32- So that it may be a bounty for you and your cattle;


33- Till the day when the cacophony of hereafter is raised;


34- The day when brothers keep away from brothers;


35- And from their mothers and fathers;


36- And from their wives and siblings;


37- Since every body has his own afflictions.


38- Some have smiling and shining faces;


39- Brilliant and exuding glad tidings;


40- And there are other faces that are grim and dusty;


41- Overtaken by darkness;


42- They are the disbelievers and the wrong doers.







“TAKWIR” means the return of the sun. The returning in Arabic is sometimes referred to as “DAWR” and sometimes as “KAWR” (the root word of this surah’s name). “DAWR” is moving in a circle and “KAWR” is revolving around oneself. Sunrise and sunset are caused by “KAWR”, and seasons are caused by “DAWR”.


                  In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful


1-When the sun of (the infallible household of Muhammad’s) guardianship returns. (See footnote no.279)

2- The stars of guidance dim.


3- And when the course of the mountains (the superpowers) comes to an end;


4-And when the camels (the caravan of life) come to a halt;


5- And when the savage people are resurrected;


6- And when the oceans of knowledge surge;


7- And when the souls are related to their likes;


8- And when those buried alive (or the victims of massacres) are interrogated;


9- That for what reason they were killed?


10-And when everywhere the thoughts and ideas are disclosed;


11-And when the veil is removed from the face of guardianship;


12- And the fire of the nuclear world war is ignited;


13-And when the face of paradise (Imam Mahdi PBUH) is unveiled;


14- At this time the real good and bad deeds are brought to light.


15- I swear to the visible and invisible stars;


16- The stars that pave the way for the emergence (of Imam Mahdi).


17- And I swear to the night of (Imam Mahdi’s) life incognito that is guarded;


18- And the dawn of God’s sovereignty that rises;


19- That Koran is the utterance of that dignified messenger;


20- The empowered messenger who is so close to God;


21- The trustee of God’s revelation who is the commander of the beings.


22- Your messenger is not a maniac!


23- He has seen and come to know his God at the horizons of knowledge and wisdom!


24- He does not stint from teaching what he has learnt and known!


25- Koran is not the word of the degraded Satan!


26- How far do you deviate from the truth?


27- This Koran is a source of teaching and knowledge for the whole world!  


28- A teaching for those who want to be steadfast in knowledge and right deeds!


29- (Of course) you will not want unless the Lord of the worlds wills.





                    IN THE NAME OF Allah, the beneficent the merciful


Infitar, belonging to an Arabic grammatical paradigm that rhyme with the Arabic word Infi’al, means the emergence of the inherent realities of one’s nature. Sky means the position of Imam Mahdi’s guardianship with whose uprising the truth about guardianship will be known.


1-When the realities about guardianship and monotheism emerge;


2- And when the stars of guidance are bestowed upon the societies;


3- And when the sea of the God’s disciples surges;


4- And when the graveyards come alive;


5- Thence they will know what they have saved (for themselves);


6- O man! What has made thee arrogant against God’s justice?


7- The God who created and raised thee to the apex of a balanced wisdom?


8- And organized thee to the very structure that He wished?


9- Nay! It is not as you claim; but you just want to deny the religion!


10- While divine guards are taking care of you!


12- They are dignified and record your deeds!


13- They are aware of whatever you do!


14- The righteous will be submerged in God’s blessings;


15- And the wrong doers in hell.


16- They themselves ignite it at the time of the rise of religion.


17- Albeit they will not be absent from it.


18- Do you know when will be the era of the rise of religion?


19- Tell them: do you know when will be the era of the rise of religion?


20- It is the time when nobody can do anything for anybody else and the rule will exclusively be that of God.







In Arabic, the words “TAFF”,  “TATFIF” and “MUTAFFIF” are derivatives of the same root word and all refer to dryness and drying up or desiccating. The famous ”Ashura” day (on 10th of the Arabic lunar month of “Muharram” when Imam Hussain, the beloved grandson of prophet was martyred during his uprising against the heretic tyrants’), is called the “TAFF”  day because it has been a day of dryness and thirst for the Imam and his followers. Anyone who shortchanges his customer is called a “MUTAFFIF”.


1-Anyone who withholds part of the others’ rights, will deteriorate away from humanity;


2- All those who ask for more than what they deserve;


3- But when they have to pay, they shortchange.


4- Why don’t they imagine that they will be summoned on a magnificent day?


5-For a grand accounting?


6-On the day when the whole world will be in the governance of the Lord of the worlds.


7-Nay so as they imagine, the wrong doing will lead the wrong doers into an impasse.


8-Do you know about the straits of jail?


9-Item by item are the outcome of one’s own deeds.


10-Woe to those who deny the outcomes of the deeds!


11-All those who are in denial of the day of the reign of religion.


12-Nobody denies the hereafter except a transgressor or sinner.


13-When the signs of Allah (“Ayahs”) are recited, they say: these are just myths of the bygone generations!


14-Nay so as they say! Their wrong doing has tarnished their hearts.


15-When committing a sin, they are deprived from the God’s guardianship.


16-During the period of Imam Mahdi’s incognito life, they are igniters of the fire of hell.


17-Then they are told: Behold! This is the fire of which you were in denial!


18-The highest position in paradise is the outcome of good deeds.


19-Do you know what those highest positions are?


20- Item by item are the outcomes of the right deeds;


21-That God’s servants who are close to him will attain.


22-The virtuous will enjoy God’s blessings.


23-Positioned on the throne of power, they witness everything.


24-Freshness and jubilance is visible on their faces.


25-They take drinks that are the highest creation of God.


26-The lasting impression of each drink is musk and ambergris. Those seeking the most exquisite, look for them.


27-The drinks are blended with the grace of those high ranking saints- that is respect and magnificence.


28-It is a spring of dignity allocated to those who are close to God.


29-The wrong doers used to laugh at the believers in the world.


30-When passing by the believers, they used to wink and sneer at them.


31-By pocking fun at the believers, they used to enhance the intimacy between themselves and their friends.


32-When seeing them, they used to call them superstitious.


33-What right do they have to talk about the believers? (They are not their guardians)


34-But, on the day of paradise, the believers will be laughing at the disbelievers.


34-Positioned on the thrones of power, they will watch them dwelling in hell.


35-Did the disbelievers attain the ultimate outcome of their deeds?





            In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful


In all the Ayahs in which God uses the words like sky or heaven, earth, night and day, He doesn’t mean the literal meaning but He means the deeper level meanings, i.e. : the direction of Wilayah (the Imam’s guardianship over the Ummah) from which knowledge is revealed, and the direction towards which knowledge flows. Also night and day are eras of the rule of evil and righteousness.


1-When the closed sphere of divine guardianship opens up.


2-And allows its lord (the Imam) to rule.


3-And when the earth is expanded in order to allow the rise of the whole humanity;


4-Throwing up the dead (or letting man to reveal whatever potentials he has);


5- Allowing Imam Mahdi (PBUH) the permission to establish his rule;


6-O man, you are driven to enter the sphere of divine guardianship.


7- When meeting God, if the outcome of your deeds emanates from truthfulness and righteousness,


8-Then you will attain without pain the paradise that is the result of your deeds.


9-And with joy and jubilance, you will return to your family and friends.


10-But, he whose outcome of deeds result from disbelief and hypocrisy,


11-He will cry: woe to me, come to my help!


12-He has ignited the hell for himself.


13-He is the one who used to rejoice in his race to disbelief and sinfulness in his family.


14-He used to think that he would never be stunned and listless in life.


15-Yeah, God was well aware of his position.


16-I swear to the evening twilight of the most prominent night of history in Karbala.


17-I swear to the long night of the Imam’s life incognito and whatever is contained therein.


18-And I swear to the moon of “wilayah” (Imam’s guardianship) that envelops the events.


19-The human society will be divided into classes.


20-Whatever has happened that they do not believe?


21-And once Koran is recited they do not yield?


22-But, in fact the disbelievers are denying the logic in Koran.


23-God knows well what plots they have in their minds.


24-Give them glad tidings about the outcome of their plots that is the fire of hell.


25-Save those who believe and do the right deed, who will be rewarded without any obligation.




          In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The twelve constellations refer to the twelve infallible Imams, and the sky where they are located is her holiness Zahra (peace be upon her) who bears the position of the Imamat’s motherhood. The constellations in the sky and the years and months symbolize them.

1-I swear to the sky holding the constellations of Imamah. (Footnote number 280)


2- And the promised day, that is the uprising of Imam Mahdi.


3-And the witness and the witnessed. (God’s messenger and Imam Ali) (PBU THEM)


4-The people of Ukhdud (who were believers in Christ) were killed by Jews.


5-They were burnt in raging fires.


6-They were thrown into the fire.


7-In plain view of Jews who were watching what they were doing to them.


8-They revenged them only because their believed in God, the Mighty, the Praised.


9-The God who the kingdom of heavens and earth is His; witnesses every thing.


10- All those who cause harm to men and women who are believes and then do not repent, will be afflicted by a raging fire.


11-And all those who believe and act righteously will be in a position where blessing and wealth will stream out of their wills and that is the great success.


12-Your God’s assault on the criminals will be devastating.


13-He is the One who initiates the creation (of mankind) and once again (after their death) returns them to life.


14-He is the One who makes up for the deficiencies of mankind and is kind to them.


15-He is the Majestic; His is the absolute rule.


16-Whatever He wills is quick to implement.


17-Havn’t you heard of the histories of the armies of disbelief and sin?


18-Like the people of Pharaoh and Thamoud?


19-The disbelievers are constantly in denial.


20-While God is sovereign over them.


21-Koran is a magnificent and glorious scripture.


22-It is imprinted on the script of the hearts of the believers. 





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


“Tarigh” means a sudden happening, and it refers to the resurrection day that begins with the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Here, sky means God’s will that is represented by the infallible Imams.


1-I swear to the sky and that sudden event.


2-How do you know what that sudden event is?


3-The star that removes the darkness.


4-Every human being is under the protection of God.


5-Let man ponder from what he has originated.


6-From the droplets of semen that have dashed into the womb.


7-(Flowing) from the father’s and mother’s chest.


8-God has the power to bring him back to life;


9-On the day when the secrets are unveiled.


10-On that day, he will not have any power or helper.


11-I swear to the sky of thunder and lightning;


12-and the earth of man’s heart that sprouts;


13- That this Koran is a differentiator between right and wrong.


14-It does not contain absurdity nor is contrary to the truth.


15-The disbelievers conspire and plot as much as they can.


16-I also plot plots.


17-(My plot is to) Give the disbelievers time, again give them time, and give them respite for a third time.





          In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Every where in Koran the expression “name of God” in ayahs like “In the name of Allah” has been interpreted to mean “Imam”; and God instructs us to seek help from them and regard them as unsusceptible to sins and devoid of any defects.


1-Regard the name of thy Lord as free from any shortcomings.


2-The God who created and brought to equilibrium.


3-Who engineered the life and guided it.


4-The God who created the pasture of life.


5-Then turned it into a dried out and hollowed substance.


6-We recite Koran unto you; you will not forget it.


7-Save whatever God wills; He who knows the disclosed and the undisclosed.


8-We will take you towards peace and serenity little by little.


9-Remind the people about God, since it is beneficial.


10-He who recognizes His grandeur, he will attain true knowledge.


11-Only the evil doers distance themselves from Koran.


12-All those who ignite the great fire.


13-Then, in it, neither they die nor have a life.


14-Triumphant is he who elevates himself (pays the poor due).


15-Who remembers God and prays,.


16-(But) you people opt for the terrestrial life;


17-Whereas hereafter is better and more enduring.


18-Verily such knowledge was also contained in the scriptures of the past nations;


19-The scriptures of Abraham and Moses.





            In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Al Quashiyah means “the pervasive torment that befalls humanity” since Allah in Surah “ADDUKHAN”- The smoke, says:” It covers the humanity; this is a painful torment”.


1-Have you come to know about that pervasive torment of the world? (Foot note No. 281)


2-That the prominent people of the world are hapless in the face of it?


3-Those whose deeds are based on persistent animosity towards God and His messengers;


4-Those who ignite the fire of the nuclear war.


5-They are guided by instant whims. (They are not far sighted)


6-The disbelievers will not get any foods except through hardship and suffering.


7-A type of food that is neither nutritious nor satisfying.


8-The prominent faces of the God’s religion on that day are prosperous.


9-They are happy with what they have accomplished.


10-Are entrusted with the highest celestial positions.


11-They will not hear any absurdities or any nonsense.


12-The fountains of knowledge and wisdom flow through their souls.


13-The throne of power and the rule of the universe is at their disposal.


14-Tableware and luxuries of life;


15-Pillows and cushions laid every where for them.


16-Beauties are in sight every where.


17-Do they not ponder the anatomy of camels and how they have been created?


18-Also the sky and the sphere of thought and how it has been expanded?


19-The Mountains on the earth and the mountains of power and how they have settled?


20-And how the earth’s surface and the bases of training have been developed?


21-Remind them of the signs of (God’s) power and His blessings, since you are a reminder only.


22-You can not change their nature.


23-Alienated (from your guidance) are those who refuse to listen and are disbelievers.


24-As for them, they will be severely punished by God.


25-The return of people will be towards Us,


26-And looking into their accounts will be Ours ( The plural pronoun here refers to God and His chain of command. As we read in the JAMI’AH supplication: “The returning of the people is towards you and looking into their accounts is yours”).





          In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


In this surah, the holy lives of the 14 infallible successors of the prophet have been referred to with words like “dawn”, “the ten nights”, and “the even and the odd” (the single and the pair). The reason is, the universe is like a home and the infallible person is like the owner of the home.


1-I swear to the dawn of the appearance of light;


2-And the tenfold nights.


3-And I swear to the pair and the single.


4-And the long night of the incognito life of the twelfth Imam until its course is finalized (and God’s rule is established).


5-Do the wise people recognize that these swearing (are all about certain people and not objects)?


6-Didn’t you see how God dealt with the people of Aad?


7-and the owners of the gardens of Arem with high columns?


8-Gardens that was unparalleled in history?


9-And the people of Thamud who used to curve houses into rocks?


10-Or the subjects of Pharaoh who used to crucify the oppressed people?


11-All those who transgressed in the civilazations?


12-And who corrupted peoples’ lives?


13-God lashed them with the whip of calamities.


14-God is sitting in ambush for the oppressors.


15-Human beings are so that if God bestows upon them a wealth, they will claim that since they were virtuous servants of God, He was regardful of them!


16-But if for the sake of another trial, He afflicts them with poverty, they will claim that God has insulted them and has disregarded their rights (and thus regard God an oppressor- they regard prosperity or poverty as their inherent right).


17-Nay so as you say, you didn’t take care of the orphans.


18-And didn’t feed the needy.


19-And indulged in consuming the heritage dedicated to God and His messenger. (Since a fifth of the excess annual earnings belong to god).


20-Adored the worldly possessions.


21-The day when the earthly life is pounded;


22-And your Lord’s reign starts with the rise of the lord of earth and queuing angles;


23-The hell surges; that’s the day when man takes notice of his crimes, but that’s too late.


24-Then one will wish if he had spared something for the day.


25-That is when no body torments man more than man!


26-And equally puts man in gags like man.


27-O! You confident man!


28-Who is jubilant in front of God! Dwell in the reign of god’s mercy!


29-Amongst my very servants!


30-In the special paradise of Mine! [That is, God’s consent- meaning Imam Hussain (PBUH)].



              “AL BALAD” (THE CITY) SURAH XC


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Since in this surah, any respect for Kaabah (that is located in the city of Mecca) has been regarded as conditional to the presence of the God’s prophet, it has been named “The city”


1-I swear to Kaabah only conditional to:


2-Your presence therein!


3-I swear to the virtuous father and his children:


4-That We created the human beings in suffering and distress.


5-Does he suppose that nobody is in control of him?


6-So he is free to complain: I laid waste to so much of my wealth?


7-Does he suppose that nobody sees him?


8-Didn’t We grant him two seeing eyes? (So that he could see his future?)


9-Didn’t We grant him a tongue and two lips (so that he could talk)?


10-And did We not guide him to the passage between the two mountains of virtue and vice?


11-He refused to pass through the passage of responsibility.


12-Would you know what would have been this passage of responsibility?


13-(It would have been to) release a slave or a prisoner;


14-Or, at the time of famine, to feed a hungry;


15-An orphan of close kinship;


16-Or an earth bound destitute.


17-And, together with that, to be a person of belief and virtue and to advise the others to be steadfast and have mercy upon each other.


18-Such people are people of auspicious nature who are blessed.


19-And all those who disbelieve in the God’s signs are inauspicious and ominous.


20-And in the end, they will be besieged by the fire.



              “ASH SHAMS” (THE SUN) SURAH XCI


            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


In this honorable surah too, God uses objects to represent people. Sun, moon, and day have been interpreted to mean the prophet and his infallible descendents.


1-I swear to the sun and its shine.


2-And I swear to the moon that follows the sun.


3-And the day, that reflects the sun.


4-And the dark space, that covers the sun.


5-And I swear to the heaven of divine guardianship and He who has created it.


6-And the field of training and the One who has expanded it.


7-And man’s soul and He who has engineered it;


8-Who has taught him vice and virtue.


9-Salvaged is he who purifies his soul and trains it.


10-Hopeless is he who pollutes himself.


11-The Thamud tribe’s transgression was a denial of the God’s religion.


12-Since they appointed the most vicious amongst themselves to kill the Salih’s camel.


13-God’s messenger had asked them to leave the camel free.


14-They denied him and killed the camel; so God exposed them to calamities and turned their town into rubble.


15- Since they were not afraid of the outcome of their crimes.



              “AL LAIL” (THE NIGHT) SURAH XCII


            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(Such words as night and day, to which Allah swears, represent impeccable and infallible people in whose name the nature has been created; since if it weren’t for such infallibles, the creation of the world and human beings would have been in vain.)


1-I swear to the era of the Imam’s life incognito that is an omnipresent darkness.


2-And I swear to the sun of guardianship when it emerges.


3-And whatever man and woman whom He has created.


4-Your strife and labor is in disarray.


5-He who takes up the virtue and serves mankind,


6-And confirms the virtue,


7-We will facilitate for him the attainment of salvation.


8-And whoever takes up stinginess and regards oneself need free of God,


9-And is in denial of virtue and charity,


10-We will facilitate his plunging into the circle of hardships;


11-A circle in which he will not enjoy his possessions.


12-Our only task is to guide.


13-In Our hands lay the worldly and heavenly lives.


14-We warn you against the flames of the fire!


15-That the most vicious of mankind ignites it!


16-Who is an obstinate and denies the religion,.


17-The most virtuous avoid it.


18-All those who pay the poor due out of their possessions,


19-Without the poor having any due against them.


20-He serves mankind only for God’s sake.


21-Very soon he will be content with what he has accomplished.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-I swear to the bright day of Islam;


2-And the night of disbelief when it spreads.


3-Thy Lord has not abandoned you, nor is he furious at you.


4-The hereafter is better for you than the worldly life.


5-He will bestow upon you so much that you will be content.


6-Wasn’t you an orphan whom He sheltered?


7-Wasn’t you a misguided whom He guided?


8-Wasn’t you a poor man whom He made needless?


10-So, you too, do not offend an orphan!


11-And do not be rude to a beggar!


12-And preach to people God’s blessings.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Did We not broaden your heart by knowledge and Gnosticism?


2-Did We not remove the heavy burden of responsibility from your shoulders?


3-A burden that had Brocken your back?


4-Did we not raise your name and fame?


5-Be patient! Ease will follow hardships.


6-Once again, be patient! Comfort will follow hardships.


7-Once you are done with your prophetic mission, appoint your successor!


8-And be ready to meet thy Lord! 



              “AT TIN” (THE FIG): SURAH XCV


           In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-I swear to fig and olive;


2-And Mount Sinai;


3-And this safe and secure city;


4-We created man in total equilibrium.


5-(Then) due to disbelief and sin, We relegated him to the meanest position.


6-Save those who believe and do the right deeds; they will enjoy rewards without any indebtedness.


7-After all these Ayahs (signs), who will still deny your religion?


8-Isn’t Allah the best of rulers (judges)?





             In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-for reciting Koran, seek help from the name of your Lord creator.


2-The Lord who created man from a clot of coagulated blood.


3-Present thy God as the generous and magnanimous being.


4-God who taught man by the pen of His training;


5-Sciences that he wouldn’t come to know (by himself).


6-(But) It does not turn out to be as it should; man transgresses;


7-If he regards himself as needless.


8-The return of all is towards God.


9-Se how shameless is the one who,


10-Prevents God’s servants from praying!


11-Tell him what will be his reaction if the person really is on the right path?


12-Or (if he is) some one who orders people to virtues?


13-Even if (as you assume) he is a denier of God’s religion and is self centered,


14-It is none of your business! Isn’t God (Himself) a witness?


15-It is not as he imagines, if he does not cede his intrusiveness and shamelessness;


16-We will hold him by the hair of his forehead;


17-The forehead of a false, wrongdoing, impersonator!


18-Let him ask for help from his peers!


19-We will in turn seek the help of fire!


20-Disregard him, fall prostrate before your Lord, and be close to Him.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-We revealed Koran at the night of destiny (foot note no.282)


2-How would you know what the night of destiny is?


3-That night of destiny is superior to a thousand months!


4-Since, it is when, by the command of God, the angels and the spirit elevate man’s valor;


5-And secure for him his soundness until the rise of hereafter.





            IN THE NAME OF Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-The disbelievers, whether they are the people of scripture or idolaters, will not part from their disbelief no matter how many clear proofs they witness!


2-The proof is God’s messenger who recites unto them dignified and purified scriptures.


3-In those scriptures firm and absolute knowledge is contained.


4-The people of scripture parted ways only after the clear guidelines to the right path were manifested to them.


5-The whole mankind received the same instructions: To be God’s servant, to purify their belief in the religion, to have tendency towards the right path, establish worship, and pay the poor due.  These five principles make the permanent religion.


6-The disbelievers and the idolaters will finally get caught in the hell and will dwell therein for ever. They are the worst people.


7-And all those who believe in God and act righteously, are the best of mankind.


8-Their reward with Allah is a knowledge and power from which bounties will flow. They will eternally dwell therein while God is consent with them and they are consent with God. This position is for those who perceive God’s greatness. 





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Once the life of the people of earth becomes unstable,


2-The earth, throws up its prominent personalities.


3-Man will wonder what has and will happen.


4-Then, the earth puts forward the events of history;


5-Since God inspires to it the historical events.


6-All human beings emerge from their tombs in different situations so that they can witness the outcome of their deeds.


8-Whoever has done the smallest right deed, will see it.


8- And whoever has committed the smallest vice, will see it.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(This surah is a tribute to the combats Imam Ali (PBUH) led.


1-I swear to the horses that were galloping and panting.


2- Making sparks by the beat of their hooves.


3-They marauded the enemy between dawn and sunrise.


4-And so much dust was raised by their charge.


5-In a moment they surrounded the enemy.


6-Behold! This is man who is envious of his Lord!


7-And demonstrates ill temper and wrong doing.


8-Is an ardent lover of the material possessions.


9-Why don’t they know that ,


10-When the dead rise from their tombs,


11-And whatever they hold in their hearts is revealed,


12-God is already well informed of their deeds?





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(Ghri’ah means the wars that smash and devastate the buildings and since Islam and Koran have a universal orientation, the themes and subjects revealed in them are universal ones. So the repetition of the word Ghariah three times is meant to refer to three devastating world wars, two of which have already happened and the third one is still to happen).


1-That devastating one!


2-What is that devastating one?


3-And how do you know what is that devastating one?


4-The day when people will be scattered like moths around a candle flame!


5-And the mountains (the superpowers) will turn into carded wool!


6-Whoever is known to be dignified and demure;


7-He will be placed in a joyous and pleasant life.


8-And whoever is known to be frivolous;


9-His aim is but his carnal desires.


10-How do you know what that carnal desire is?


11-It is the hell fire.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(TKATHUR means competition for corporeal gains).


1-Competition to gain more of the corporeal gains led you to imprudence.


2-So that you even boasted about the number of your deceased ones!


3-It is not so that you will remain in such negligence for ever, soon you will come to know.


4-Again, you will certainly come to know!


5-Nay so as you imagine, if you obtain absolute knowledge;


6-You will even see the hell in this world!


7-Then you will see it with untainted eyes, when you will be held accountable for the blessings of guardianship bestowed upon you.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


[ASR Means the essence of creation; meaning the ultimate goal of creation, that is the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)].


1-I swear to ASR! (the ultimate goal of life); (Footnote 283)


2-That human beings are in permanent harm.


3-Save those who are people of belief and right deeds, who advise each other to observe each others’ rights and to be resilient on the road to the final destination. (Doing right is like sowing a seed that fruits in the hereafter).





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful


1-Woe to every mocker!


2-The one whose wealth has made him arrogant.


3-He supposes that his wealth will make him eternal!


4-Nay so as he thinks, his worshipping of the corporeal possessions will earn him a severe torment.


5-You do not know what that torment is!


6-It is God’s fire that is ignited.


7-It will cover the faces and hearts of the worshippers of the corporeal belongings!


8-A fire that besieges them in the very-


9-Skyscrapers they have built!





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(Abraheh, the ruler of Yemen around the time Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was born, mobilized an army of 30,000 troops equipped with elephants to destroy the KABA (and build another temple is his capital city) and fight Allah. God bombarded them by acid stones carried by swallows).


1-Didn’t you see what God did to the troops attacking with elephants?


2-Turning their plots into a cause of their own death and annihilation?


3-He sent swallows to fight them;


4-Dropping on then acid stones from the hell.


5-They all fell to their death like crushed leaves!







            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Look at how the Quraish bond together;


2-Their bonding together in winter and summer trips.


3-Tell them to worship the Lord of the inviolable place of worship;


4-Who brought them security and saved them from hunger,.


(The people of Mecca became arrogant due to their trading activities and their unity in conducting their trade. God mentioned to them that it is all due to their life in the shade of the inviolable place of worship- the KABA).





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Did you see him who denies the God’s religion?


2-He is the one who harasses  the orphans and the deprived.


3-And doesn’t take any steps to aid the underprivileged.


4-Woe to those praying people;


5-Who are inattentive to their prayers;


6-Those who are hypocrites;


7-And obstruct the charitable activities.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


[This noble surah is an introduction of Hazrate Zahra (PBUH) the beloved and infallible daughter of prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in which God has introduced her as a source of God’s blessings and grace in the world and hereafter].


1-We bestowed upon thee an ocean of blessings and grace.


2-To thank God for this blessing, establish prayer and sacrifice.


3-That shameless mocker will be deprived of any offspring himself.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(This surah is conveying the message that it is possible for those who follow false religions to accept the religion and dogma of the followers of the right religion, but the latter can not follow the religion and dogma of the former since it is astray and astray is void and a void cannot be taken hold of).


1-Say: O you disbelievers!


2-I can not worship your idols;


3-Nor you have the intelligence to worship my God.


4-No! I can never worship your gods.


5-Nor your ignorance lets you worship my God.


6-Go away! Let yours be your religion and mine be my religion!



              “AN NASR” (THE VICTORY) SURAH CX


            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(This surah foresees the universal triumph of Islam)


1-When the God’s help and Islam’s universal conquest happen.


2-And you see people who convert to Islam in droves.


3-To thank God for this enormous success, praise Him, thank Him, and ask for His forgiveness since He is an accepter of repentances.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-May the two hands of Abulahab be cut off, may it be cut off! (Footnote 284)


2-He couldn’t enjoy any of all his wealth!


3-Soon he will ignite the hell fire!


4-Together with his wife who carries the fire wood;


5-Who was suffocated by a rope made of palm filaments.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(This surah describes God as a being that is unique amongst the beings in principles and characteristics).


1-Say: only He is the one and only God;


2-The needless and limitless God.


3-He is neither a source not has any sources. (He is superior and above all the numbers and figures).


4-So He is sans any example and likeness!





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


(This surah describes the sources of decay and perversion)


1-Say: I seek refuge with the Lord who breaks open the mysteries (or the dawn);


2-From the evil of what He has created.


3-And from the evil of the robbers of one’s religion and wisdom who enter from side ways.


4-And from the evil of sorcerers and those who weaken the beliefs.


5-And from the evil of the envious when they act on their envy! (Dawn, meaning fission, here corresponds to the fission of the atomic nucleus that is the greatest evil of all)



              “AN NASS” (PEOPLE) SURAH CXIV


            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of people.


2-The King of people.


3-From the evil of inspiring Satans.


4-Who seduce the minds of people.


5-The jinni (disguised) and human Satans.


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