ترجمه انگلیسی قرآن - محمد علی صالح غفاری(TRANSLATION OF KORAN)




            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This glorified surah takes its name from the word “MULK” in its first ayah. Its contents are wonders of Koranic miracles.


1-The God in whose hands is held the kingdom is consecrated and omnipotent; He is dignified and respected.


2-The God who created the death and the life in order to try you in this circle and to let it be known whose deeds of you are more rightful; He is respected and dignified.


3-Who has created the heavens in seven spheres encased inside one another. No defect or shortcoming can be detected in any of them. Have a close look, can you find any defects?


4-Have a closer look! You will get nothing but dismay (due to not being able to find any imperfection).


5-We decorated the heavens with stars and the sphere of religion with scholars. We assigned the scholars to repel and drive away the demons: We have prepared the torment of hell for you (demons)!


6-The fate of those who disbelieve in God is the fire of hell. What a bad outcome is born out of their deeds!


7-How loudly they will cry and clamor in that fire that is burning all the time!


8-(A fire that) ferociously breaks apart everything. Every party that enters the hell is told: Weren’t you warned by your messengers against such a day?


9-They reply: Yes! They did warn us, but we denied them and said to them that God had not revealed anything and that they were but ignorant and misguided.


10-Had we put to use our hearing and common sense we would not have fallen into such a torment.  


11-That is where they confess to their crimes. Down with the people of hell!


12-But, those who perceive God’s blessings in the (yet) unrevealed world, God’s mercy will engulf them and will receive a great reward.


13-Whether you talk secretly or whisper or talk loudly and openly, God knows all.


14-How is it possible for him not to know His creatures while he is dominant over everyone and everything?


15-He created the earth gentle and subdued for you. Move around it and enjoy the God’s blessings. Your final destination is towards Him.


16-What guarantees have you received from God for your safety? The earth may devour you; it is constantly trembling!


17-Or are you secured? He may rain rocks on you; you will very soon come to know God’s power.


18-Their bygone generations denied God’s power too; see how God’s calamities have descended upon them.


19-Witness the God’s power and greatness in the flight of the birds; some of which flutter and some fly with wings stretched out! Nobody holds them but God. God is aware and well informed of everything.


20-Or you suppose that your armies protect you without God’s permission! The disbelievers dwell on negligence and arrogance.


21-Or, if God does not bestow upon you your daily bread, who will be the one who can give you any? The disbelievers dwell on their obstinacy and transgression!


22-Tell us! Who is better guided? The one who crawls on the ground or he who walks up right, sees everything and walks the right path? (Foot note no. 272)


23-Say: He is God who has created you and has bestowed upon you sight and hearing. Why don’t you regard God’s blessings?


24-It is God who has raised you from water and soil and the earth and finally you will be transferred to His kingdom.


25-They ask: When comes the time promised? Tell us the exact time if you are truthful!


26-Tell them: knowledge of the exact timing lies with Allah. I just guide you and warn you against the torments of that day.


27-When they see that the hereafter is eminent and the face of the disbelievers turns dark and black due to their disbelief and sin, they will be told: behold the hereafter of which you were in denial!


28-Say: tell me; whether God takes me and my companions away or not, who can shelter the disbelievers from the torments of the world and hereafter? (Only my religion is your shelter).


29-He is the Compassionate and the Merciful; we believe in Him and regard Him as our guardian. He will unveil the misguided.


30-Say, if the water (of knowledge offered by guardianship) subsides, who has the power to return to you that reviving knowledge? [The Koranic knowledge and the position of Imam’s guardianship disappear under the piles of superstition and false beliefs, but they are revived by Imam Mahdi (PBUH).





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This surah has been named Ghalam (pen) due to the presence of this word on its first ayah. The relationship between this word and the theme of mania in the next ayah is that the impeccable and infallible man is regarded a maniac in the primitive judgment of the ignorant who are unaware of the goal of creation. Also, it is the pen that is the source of the paradise and the hell.


1-I swear to the letters of alphabet and pen and the writings!


2-That, by God’s grace, in the judgment of knowledge and pen, you are not regarded a maniac!


3-And that in future, you will have a reward without indebtedness.


4-Your human manners are magnificent and infinite!


5-Soon, you will know and they will know too!


6-That which one of you is captivated by wealth and position. (They accused the prophet of being captivated by his descendents and his beloved daughter Zahra (PBUH); so God here says: they are those who are captivated by worldly possessions.)


7-God knows better those who have deviated from the line of guardianship and those who are guided.


8-Don’t follow those who deny the messengership and guardianship.


9-They love if you would disregard the religion and guardianship so they could disregard it too.


10-Also, don’t follow those who degrade the name of God and swear too often.


11-They are mockers and enthusiasts of tale bearing and gossiping;


12-Hinderers of benevolence, aggressors and sinners;


13-Shameless, audacious, and at the same time, bastard and arrogant;


14-Who have plenty of wealth and children;


15-When hearing the God’s ayahs, they turn away their faces saying: these are but ancient tales.


16-Soon we will turn his arrogant nose into an elephant trunk making it visible to all!


17-We will try your followers like we tried the garden owners (whose story follows) when swore that they would pluck the fruits of their fathers’ garden.


18-They solely trusted themselves without making an exception to the God’s will! (They didn’t say “if God wills”)


19-Night time, when they were asleep, destruction befell their garden;


20-As if it had never borne any fruits!


21-The next morning, they got prepared to go and pluck the fruits.


22-They called upon each other and moved towards their garden.


23-They were going secretly and without making any noise;


24-Lest the poor got alerted and asked for a share of the harvest.


25-They moved hastily, confident that they would reap a good harvest.


26-Once they faced a burnt out garden, they said, perhaps we have come to the wrong place!


27-No, we have not mistaken! We have been deprived!


28-One wiser brother said: didn’t I tell you why you wouldn’t pray and thank God? (You refused to pay the poor due).


 29-Once they suffered the big loss they said: praised is Allah, we were wrong doers!


30-They started to blame each other face to face.


31-They confessed to being aggressors and transgressors.


32-Saying: May God’s mercy falls upon us again, we have returned to Him!


33-Such are the calamities in the world, but if they consider the enormity of the calamities of the hereafter, they will regard it as much more painful. (This story is a warning to the Muslims who enjoyed the fruits of the garden of Islam, but then disregarded the rightful owners of the garden)


34-The virtuous, as decreed by God, will own gardens replete with blessings and wealth.


35-How could Muslims have the same fate as criminals and sinners?


36-How do you make such a judgment?


37-Perhaps you have a scripture which you read and find out;


38-That you are entitled to judge; then, if so, whatever you say will occur!


39-Or, perhaps there is a covenant between you and Us by which all your wishes come true!


40-Ask them who amongst them the guardian of such a covenant is.


41-Or perhaps their leaders are partners to God! Then let them bring forth their partners!


42-Tomorrow, in the hereafter, when the realities come to light, they will be invited to fall prostrate, but they will not have the psychological power to do so.


43-Humiliation and misery befalls them while their eyes are subdued; whereas in the world, they were invited to yield when they still were (spiritually) sound.


44-Leave the fate of those who reject this Koran to Me; little by little, from where they won’t know, We will catch them.


45-In this world, I give them respite; My policy is wise!


46-Are you asking them for a reward that they are unable to deliver?


47-Or are they convinced that whatever they know and write is accurate?


48-Be steadfast in fulfilling you divine task! Do not be like Jonah who once was caught in the dark belly of a whale cried to God while was blameworthy.


49-Had God’s mercy not engulfed him, he would have been abandoned in the desert while bearing the blame for deserting his people.


50-But, God reinstated him as a messenger and regarded him as one of His virtuous servants.


51-The disbelievers, out of jealousy, when they hear the Koran want to obliterate you by their eyes, and say: he is a maniac!


52-While he is a distinguished messenger for all the peoples of the world.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


The word “Hagh’gha” is derived from the root “Hagh” meaning the inevitable or determinate happening. That is why the surah says:” There is no hindrance for its happening”


1-It is a pre determined reality.


2-What is that reality? (The emergence of the rule of right)


3-Do you know what that reality is?


4-The peoples of A’ad and Thamood denied this event.


5-The peoples of Thamood where destroyed by a raging calamity.


6-And the peoples of A’ad, by a powerful storm;


7-That blew against them for seven nights and eight days, making them like uprooted palms trees.


8-Has any one of them survived?


9-Following them were the peoples of Pharaoh and other idolater peoples who were wrong doers.


10-They refused to obey the prophets; God forcefully annihilated them.


11-And when the Noah’s storm surged, We let the human race survive in a ship;


12-So that the storm and the ship remind you of God’s grandeur. Of course the listening ears will perceive the truth.


13-When the first blast (death) is blown,


14-During this last day the lands and mountains (nations and superpowers) will be smashed at once.


15-This is the time when the hereafter comes forth. (Imam Mahdi’s rise is the opening of the hereafter).


16-The sphere of religion and guardianship rejuvenates and people are exposed to its realities very easily.


17-They see how the angels are dominant over the creation. God’s throne - meaning the bearers of god’s knowledge (all mankind with different levels of knowledge), in its 8 stages (from simple subservience to absolute guardianship), is brought forth under the shade of God’s rule. (Foot note 273).


18-At this moment, the first through the last people are presented to God’s court and nobody stays in the grave.


19-Then, those who have been righteous and trust worthy will cry: see how high our position is!


20-I was confident that I would meet my Lord.


21-Such people will be in a pleasant and refreshing life;


22-Dwelling in paradises and in high positions, equipped with divine knowledge and power.


23-The branches and fruits of the tree of guardianship will be so accessible to them.


24-Eat and drink and rejoice! It is all the outcome of what you did!


25-But, all those who have lived a lying and betraying life will be disappointed and will say: We wish we hadn’t witnessed such a day!


26-And we hadn’t come to know the outcome of our deeds!


27-We wish our lives had terminated with death!


28-Our wealth and belongings didn’t benefit us!


29-We lost the powers of life!


30-Catch him and drag him along in chains! (Sins get people psychologically caught in chains)


31-Leave him to move freely in his path of creating hells and igniting fires of war!


32-And, chained by a 70 yards chain, drag him along in the road to hell! (The stages of descending the ladder of moral decay that starts from disbelief and ends in hypocrisy are 70).


33-He is the person who wouldn’t believe in Allah the Greatest.


34-He didn’t have any tendency to help the poor and never did so!


35-Naturally, he doesn’t have any sympathetic friends.


36-Nor does he get any food except filth and dirt! (Amassing illegitimate wealth is in fact drinking from the people’s bleeding hearts).


37-Such a food is peculiar to the wrong doers.


38-I swear to all what you see and know!


39-And I swear to all what you don’t see and don’t know;


40-That this Koran is the knowledge and belief of this dignified messenger!


41-It is not the word of a poet! Few of you believe!


42-It is not the word of a magician or a soothsayer! Very little you understand!


43-It is a scripture revealed by God.


44-If anybody attributes false statements to Us, We will catch him by the hand of Our power!


45-And will cut off the veins of his life!


46-And nobody will have the power to help him stop Us from revenging.


47-This Koran is a text of advice and guidance for the virtuous.


48-We know that some of you will deny it.


49-And it is a cause for regret and begrudging by the disbelievers.


50-The contents of it are absolute truth.


60-Through the guidance of your Lord, praise Him!





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This noble surah has been named Ma’arej because it discusses the spiritual and scientific ascension of the human being in the hereafter. The course of hereafter is mentioned as being 50,000 years during which human beings will attain perfection.


1-A quarrelling disbeliever begged for the unavoidable outcome of his disbelief and sins to befall him;


2-A calamity that cannot be avoided by the disbelievers.


3-This torment has been decreed by God (who bestows perfection on man), as a result of disbelief and sin.


4-Angels, accompanying the perfection seeking soul of man, ascend towards their Lord in 50,000 years. (Foot note 274)


5- O you messenger! Be patient along with your people during this beautiful course.


6-People, regard the hereafter as being too far away and say: there are still eons until the termination of the whole world!


7-But, We know that it is all but too close,-right after the death.


8-The day when man’s talents and thoughts absorb heat, just like copper;


9-And the mountains (super powers’) wool puffs off. (Their power base disintegrates and people’s relationship with them is cut off!).


10-No friend accepts responsibility for the other.


11-That is because, everybody sees that the others are condemned. The guilty person is  ready to even sacrifice his children;


12-or his wife or brother;


13-or the infant he has kept on his lap;


14-or whatever exists on earth, so that he is relieved.


15-Nay so! There is no relief! That is the flames of fire!


16-Grills the body and disintegrates it!


17-It drags back whoever tries to escape it!


18-The one who amassed and saved;


19-Human beings are inherently greedy!


20-When faces a calamity, he screams!


21-And when earns a bounty, he pushes away the others!


22-Exept those who pray and follow the school of guardianship;


23-Those who are constantly connected with God;


24-Those who regard the share of the poor in their wealth;


25-Those who attend the beggars and the under privileged;


26-And all those who admit the day of the rule of the religion;


27-Or those who are vary of the torments of the hereafter;


28-(No disbeliever or sinner is safe from that torment).


29-Or those who are watchful of their sexual desires and their innocence;


30-Exept their relationship with their wives and their woman slaves, in that case they will not bear any blames;


31-Whoever who starts an affair with anyone except his wife, is a transgressor;


32-Or all those who observe their promises and protect what they have been trusted upon;


33-Or all those who are observant of their testimonies and their signatures;


34-Or all those who through prayer and social services maintain their relationship with God and people;


35-They will be entered the paradise with respect and dignity.


36-What do all these disbelievers who are hanging around you want?


37-They ran about from the left and the right to hypocritically attach them to you.


38-They covet to enter the paradise through such deeds!


39-Nay as they imagine, they themselves know well what characters We have ingrained in them! (Right and wrong characters make a second personality for human beings).


40-I swear to the Lord of the east and the west that We are capable;


42-Of replacing them with folks superior to them, We are not incompetent!


43-Let them alone until the promised day to indulge in any mischief, play games until finally they achieve the last outcome of their deeds!


44-The day when they come out of their tombs promptly, as if they are rushing towards a certain goal;


45-Their eyes subdued in humiliation, this is the day that We had promised them.



           SURAH “NOUH” (NOAH) NO. LXXI


           In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Adam and Noah were the first history making human beings in the human society. Adam is called the first father and Noah, the second father. Therefore, the first movements towards perfection were established by the prophets.


1-We assigned Noah to guide his people and ordered him to warn them against God’s calamities before they emerge and to prevent them from disbelief and sinfulness.


2-Noah told his people: I warn you against the outcomes of disbelief and sinfulness!


3-Be subservient to God! Beware of opposing Him! And follow me;


4-So that God elevates you toward mental and natural perfection; since once the decreed fate befalls, it will not be delayed!


5-Noah communicated to God: O my lord! I invited them day and night.


6-But, I received no reaction from them save avoidance and inattentiveness!


7-Every time I called upon them to make them covered by your forgiveness; they put their fingers into their ears and pulled their clothing over their heads in order not to hear me! They are persistent in committing sins and arrogance has tainted them.


8-Then, I invited them publicly.


9-And openly and plainly, but to no avail!


10-I told them: seek forgiveness from your Lord! He is forgiving and compassionate!


11-He sends down upon you the rains of his blessings.


12-He helps you amass wealth and children, provides you with gardens and paradises and running streams!


13-I told them: What is wrong with you that you have no regards for Allah?


14-Although He has created you in diverse conditions.


15-Don’t you see that He has created seven heavens over your head?


16-Within the stages He put the moon as a source of light and the sun as a shining lamp?


17-He grows you out of soil like the plants.


18-Thence He returns you to the soil and once again resurrects you.


19-God has spread the land under your feet;


20-So that you can build roads to any destination you want.


21-Noah, exhausted from trying so hard to invite them, cried to God: My Lord, my people disobeyed me and obeyed someone who gives them nothing but harm to wealth and children;


22-And through his sophisticated plots enslaves them!


24-They advise people not to desert their idols like Wadd, Souwa’e, Ya’ough, Yaghouth, and Nasr! (The idols were promoted because they were no obstacles to the oppressors’ plots).


25-Idol makers have misled people, and their deeds bring no fruits save deviance.


25-Noah’s people entered the hell due to going astray and committing sins, and found out that no one would help them save God.


26- Noah cursed them saying: O God! Don’t leave any of them breathing!


27-If they survive; they will mislead all your servants and will have no offspring save a bunch of sinners and disbelievers!


28-O my Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believing men and women and whoever enters the circle of my guardianship and augment for the disbelievers nothing but misery and annihilation!





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


The Jinn, as we can surmise from the allusions of some ayahs and narrations (hadith) and through objective, subjective and historical reasoning, have been primitive, nomad, naïve and simple people who have been deemed to be dangerous to the civilized people. Their chieftains have been average between civilized and savage people. One of such tribes heard Koran while being recited by prophet Muhammad (SAWA) when he was residing as a fugitive in the deserts of Nassibeen. They didn’t contact the prophet directly, but after hearing the Koran, the held discussions between themselves as is mentioned in this surah.


1-(O Prophet)! Tell the people it is revealed to me that some Jinni heard the recitation of Koran and said to each other: We heard the recitation of an astounding Koran.


2-These ayahs lead us towards wisdom and intelligence so we believe in them and will not ascribe partners to God.


3-Our God is the greatest. He is too purified to have wife or children.


4-The non intelligent people amongst us the Jinn used to describe God as such.


5-We, due to our naiveté, supposed that nobody would say lies about God.


6-Before, some human beings would seek to go under patronage of the Jinni, who in turn would only augment their aberration.


7-And humans, like the Jinni, were thinking that God would never send down a prophet.


8-We Jinni, tried to listen to the heavens, but found out that it was being protected by meteorites and guards. (The heavens of divine knowledge are protected by prophets and imams against any abuse by the imposters).


9-We used to sit in ambush to hear the angels, but whoever sits in ambush now, he is targeted by meteorites.


10-We cannot know whether by this turn of events, God has intended calamity for mankind or bliss.


11-Amongst us the Jinni, some are meritorious and some are of lower ranks, our ways are varied.


12-We are sure that we cannot stop God from doing what He wills, and cannot escape His rule.


13-When we heard the voice inviting us to the right path, we believed; whoever believes in God, he will not fear harm or death.


14-Some of us are Muslim (surrendered to God) and some of us are rogue; whoever concedes the right, he will be amongst the guided.


15-The followers of carnal desires must know that they will be but the fire woods of hell.


16-It is true that if people adhere to the right path, God will bestow upon them water of eternal life and abundant blessings;


17-In order to try them with the abundance, and whoever refrains from God’s reasoning, He will lead him through his arrogance towards the torment.


18-And they were saying: the mosques belong exclusively to God, so don’t pair anyone with God during your prayers.


19-And when the God’s servant was praying to Him, they would all crowd around him.


20-Tell all those who are active against you: I only seek help from God and will not ascribe partners to Him!


21-Tell them: I can not cause any benefit or harm to you (on my own).


22-Nobody can give asylum to anyone from God’s wrath and I don’t find any support except with God.


23-And I want you to listen to me conveying to you God’s message. He who disobeys His message, his abode will be hell and will dwell therein forever.


24-The disbelievers will dwell on their disobedience till they meet what God has destined for them; where they will come to know who has the weakest party of helpers and the smallest army.


25-Tell them: I don’t know whether the promised day is close or God has determined a lapse of time for it.


26-Only God knows the secrets of the unseen and He will not let anyone to know it;


27-Except whomever He chooses amongst the messengers, in which case He will assign observers to them.


28-So that it is known whether they fulfill their tasks and convey the message or not. God is dominant over the existence of everybody and everything and knows everyone down to the smallest details.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


The verbal infinitive “TAZAMMUL” from which the name of this surah is derived, refers to a pose in which a poor man wraps a rug around him and squats in a corner. Usually, the prophets were amongst the poorest of people since they had given away the worldly possessions and even the heavenly joys for God’s sake. Our prophet too, while living in abject poverty, and having to fight the universal disbelief, used to wrap a rug around him and think about his fate.


1-O you who has wrapped a rug around himself and is sitting secluded!


2-Rise in this dark night against the absolute universal ignorance; reduce your resting time!


3-Stay up (praying) two thirds of the night or less than half!


4-Or add a little bit to the half; recite Koran clearly and loudly!


5-We will very soon impose on you the heavy burden of responsibility.


6-Stay up the night! Since it will better elevate you and you will have a more engrained knowledge.


7-During the day We will assign for you longer prayers and deeper perceptions.


8-Remembring God, constantly keep your mind away from the people and seek refuge with Him;


9-The God who has created the east and west of the world and of the minds; there is no God save Him, so regard Him as your only guardian.


10-In the face of the people’s abuses, stay away from them with good grace and with kindness.


11-Leave Me alone with those rich deniers and give them some respite.


12-Bad omens and torments have been decreed for them;


13-A choking food and a painful torment;


14-On the day when the world populace and the superpowers will be shaky and the mountains of power will be unstable like sand dunes. (The disbelievers’ financial means are not lasting). (Footnote 275)


15-Just as We sent a messenger to Pharaoh, We sent to you a messenger.


16-Pharaoh disobeyed the God’s messenger, so we severely revenged on him.


17-How will you be able to keep yourselves away from the torments of a day which makes children senile?


18-On the resurrection day, when the facts of the guardianship of God and Imams come to light, what He has promised will be fulfilled.


19-This Koran is a reminder of God’s rule and the hereafter; let he who likes, find a path for himself!


20-God knows that you vigil less than two thirds or half or one third of the night along with a group of your friends! It is God who sets limits for the night and day; He knows that you do not have the stamina for more than that! So He took it into account. Recite Koran as much as it is comfortable for you! God knows that some of you are ill or are travelling looking for God’s grace or fighting the enemies for God’s sake; so recite Koran and do prayer as much as it is easy for you. Establish prayer and pay the poor due, lend part of your earnings to God and know that whatever beneficence you send forward for yourselves, you will find better than that with God; so ask God for the enhancement of your wisdom and talents since God is kind to you.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


“Shou’ar” and “Dithar” are two Arabic words that refer to what is worn under and what is worn over. These two noble surahs refer to the psychological condition of the prophet after receiving the message. He sometimes would invite people openly- like wearing a gown, and sometimes indiscreetly –like wearing under garments.


1-O you who has put on undergarment and stayed at home!


2-Stand up and guide the people!


3-And mention God in His grandeur as He really is!


4-Cleanse your visible garment and your invisible one!


5-Stay away from evil and superstitions!


6-Don’t over value your contributions and efforts; don’t hook it over them!


7-Be patient in the face of the events for the sake of God!


8-When the command to rise reverberates in the ears of Imam Mahdi; (Foot note 276)


9-That day will be a harsh day!


10-Especially for the disbelievers, it will not be easy!


11-Leave to me the fate of the aggressive disbeliever; I created him lonely;


12-Then I bestowed upon him so much wealth;


13-Gave him healthy children!


14-Provided him with so many amenities!


15-Still, he is asking Me for more!


16-May he suffocates and gets annihilated! Since he is an enemy of the God’s signs!


17-I will destroy him on his path to ambitions!


18-To judge the Koranic ayahs, he pondered and calculated;


19-Perish may he with that judgment!


20-Once more, perish may he with his way of judgment!


21-He again pondered and calculated (to see what he could say about the prophet and Koran).


22-Then he frowned and made a harsh face!


23-He degraded himself into the abyss of sinfulness and disbelief and became arrogant.


24-Finally he uttered: This Koran is just a selection of magic! (Just like that contemporary adversary of God who called Koran “Satanic verses”)


25-He judged it as being the words of a human being!


26-Yes, sure! I will ignite by him their hell on their path to disbelief.


27-Would you know what a fire it is?


28-It is a torment that neither lets them live, nor leaves them.


29-It fries the skin of their body and face.


30-19 angels set fire to it! (Footnote 277)


31-We mentioned the number of the angels of hell as being 19 as a reference to the disbelievers’ plots and so that the peoples of scriptures, by comparing the divine scriptures, are certain that this Koran is righteous; and at the same time the believers enhance their belief. The hypocrites will unanimously object by saying: What God means by these examples? In this way, God guides some people and sends the others astray (So that the objectors ponder why they object). No one save God knows the number and the characteristics of members of His armies; these ayahs are just meant to let man learn.


32-I swear to the shining moon that it is not so as they think.


33-And I swear to the long night of man’s ignorance. (The period of imam’s life incognito)


34-And I swear to the dawn of the rise of imam’s face;


35-That the hereafter and the agent who creates it are God’s signs. (The phrase: “One of the two great ones” mentioned in this ayah refer to the same point as the phrase:  “The great news” in the surah “AN NABA’A”. That is, when Muslims thought the latter was referring to the hereafter, the prophet said: It refers to the guardian of hereafter, i.e. Imam Ali (PBUH).


36-It warns people against the outcome of sins.


37- So that it is known who is really concerned about the hereafter and who is just a worshipper of the worldly possessions.


38-Everybody is encumbered with his own deeds.


39-Save those seeking righteousness;


40-Who will be living together in paradise.


41-They ask the sinners:


42-What dragged you to hell?


43-They reply: We wouldn’t establish prayer;


44-Wouldn’t observe the poor’s rights;


45-Would carelessly utter anything;


46-Would deny the hereafter;


47-Until death grabbed us!


48-The intervention of the interventionists didn’t benefit them.


49-What is wrong with them that they evade the agents of guidance?


50-As if they are wild asses;


51-Escaping a charging lion!


52-Each of them expects to receive a scripture!


53-Are not afraid of the outcome of sin and disbelief!


54-It is not so as they think: this Koran is reminder of truth!


55-Whoever likes, may find the path to salvation (therein).


56-Nobody is guided except by Allah’s will; He is the one who inspires self preservation and teaches His servants.





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This noble surah has been named so due to the mentioning of “Ghiamah” in its first verse.


1-I swear to the day of the resurrection;


2-And I swear to the man who blames himself for his sins.


3- Does man think that we cannot reconstruct his decayed bones?


4-Sure, We are able to reconstruct his finger tips (his delicate finger prints).


5-Man, while denying the power of God, likes to indulge in sins and debauchery in this worldly life!


6-He objects by saying: when will be the hereafter?


7-Say: (It is) when the eyes are transfixed;


8-And the face of moon darkens;


9-And the moon and the sun join together (lunar eclipse). (The face of guardianship fades from people’s minds).


10-At this moment, the wrong doing disbeliever says: where can we escape to?


11-Say: It is not as you think. Nobody will accept responsibility for you!


12-On that day, there will be no ideological refuge except that of God’s circle of guardianship.


13-On that day, they make the outcomes of the deeds committed before and after known to him.


14-Sure, man himself is aware of his deeds!


15-Even if he offers excuses worse than the sin itself!


16-Don’t make haste in reciting Koranic verses to people!


17-The compilation and recitation of Koran is decreed by Us!


18-Once We read to you an ayah, then you put its contents into effect.


19-After recitation, it is up to Us to explain the facts and interpretations inherent therein.


20-You people, are opting for this short (period of) life;


21-And disregard your life in the hereafter!


22-On that day, the (faces) of the leaders of some groups are radiant.


23-Since they pinned their hope on God’s grace.


24-And the (faces of) leaders of some societies are dark and gloomy.


25-They believe that they will be afflicted with back breaking torments.


26-It is not that he is going to live forever; just when his soul reaches his larynx;


27-He says: who is this taking me away?


28-He becomes certain that it is the day of departure.


29-His two legs (or his world and hereafter) turn twisted.


30-Sure! It is the trip to the circle of God’s guardianship!


 31-Woe to him! He didn’t adopt the religion, nor did he pray!


32-But, rather, he denied the religion and was obstinate;


33-He arrogantly used to join his (sinful) friends!


34-You deserve this torment!


35-Sure! You deserve these torments of the hereafter!


36-Does man thinks that he has been left to himself?


37-Was he anything more than a drop of semen?


38-Then a coagulum which was engineered into a human being by Him?


39-From that embryo, God created men and women!


40-Isn’t god able to recreate the dead again?





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This surah, due to the mentioning of the words “DAHR” and “INSAN” in it, has been given both the two names. “DAHR”, (time period, era) is used to refer to the period of man’s life from the day of the Adam’s ascension until the hereafter. This surah has been revealed to describe the lives of Imam Ali, Hadhrat Zahra (Peace Be Upon Them) and their servant Fizza.


1-Wasn’t there a period of time when there was no name or trace of man?


2-We created man from semen that is a blend of diverse compounds. Then We will equip him with sight and hearing in his life path that is entwined with afflictions.


3-We guided man to the road to righteousness; then they were divided into the two camps of thanks givers and disbelievers.


4-We have provided bonds, shackles and fires for the disbelievers in their life path.


5-The virtuous and the pure hearted will drink enlivening drinks that are scented with camphor.


6-And those drinks spring out of fountains (of knowledge and power) due to which blessings and riches flow like a river.


7-The (God’s) servants blessed with this power are those who fulfilled their pledges and undertakings and were wary of the day of calamities which was suspended over their heads.


8-They offered their own food which they themselves liked and need to the poor, the orphan and the captive.


9-They offered their own food for God’s sake only and didn’t expect any thanks or rewards.


 10-They were wary of the day of resurrection when everything is harsh and arduous.


11-As a reward, God saved them against the evil of such a day and bestowed upon them joy and jubilance.


12-For their patience and resilience, bestowed upon them paradise and silk.


13-There, they will incline on the throne of power; no unpleasant weather will bother them.


14-The shades of God’s grace are close by and the branches and fruits of the Tuba tree (their inner knowledge and power) are bent down for them.


15-They are entertained in brilliant silver and crystal bowls and dishes;


16-Crystal bowls made of silver, beautifully crafted;


17-They are offered diverse drinks of ginger nature.


18-Such drinks flow out of a spring called Salsabil.


19-Sons looking like scattered jewelry are standing at their service.


20-If you ever see that place; you will witness abundant blessings and a great kingdom.


21- They wear green silk brocade and silk outfits fitted with silver and gold jewelry and God entertains them with pure and clean wine.


22-These high positions and blessings are rewards for your acts of charity.


23-It is Us who revealed Koran unto you in an unusual way.


24-Be steadfast in line of God’s command and never follow the sinners and the non thankful.


25-Morning through night let the name of God flow through your heart.


26-Stay awake part of the night praying and falling prostrate in front of God; keep yourself busy praising God during your long nights.


27-People prefer this short span of worldly life and have abandoned the harsh day of hereafter.


28-We created them and kept them connected to each other and if We wish, We can replace them with other folks.


29-This Koran is but a reminder of God and truth through which everyone who wishes can find a path towards God.


30-Of course you cannot wish unless God wishes; He is wise, He is knowledgeable.  


31-He drags whom He wishes towards His mercy; He has prepared a painful doom for the wrong doers.



              SURAH “AL MURSALAT” (THE DISPATCHED) No.lxxvi


            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


In this Surah, God describes the two agents of teaching and upbringing. The agents of teaching are prophets and the agents of upbringing are angels.


1-I swear to the agents of promoting virtue;


2-And the agents who found intellectual and scientific movements;


3-And the scientists who spread knowledge and science;


4-And the agents who differentiate between the right and the wrong;


5-And the agents who revitalize the remembrance of God in people’s minds;


6-In order to give final notice and to warn them against committing sins.


7-Whatever He has promised will come true.


8-The day when the stars of guidance fade away from the people’s minds;


9-The doors of the sphere of guardianship open in the minds.


10-And when the powers that are based on disbelief and sin turn into dust; (Imam Mahdi will not rise before these powers of disbelief and sin disintegrate);


11-And when the time of every prophet’s resurrection is defined so that they intercede on behalf of their followers or revenge; (Footnote 278)


12-(So that those people know) until when they have been granted a reprieve;


13-For the day of the differentiation between the right and the wrong.


14-How do you know what day is that day?


15-Woe to the deniers on that day!


16-Didn’t you see how we annihilated the past generations?


17-Also let the subsequent generations to meet the same fate?


18-This is how We deal with the disbelievers and criminals.


19-Woe to the deniers of the religion!


20-Didn’t We create you from semen?


21-And then deposited that semen into a safe place as womb;


22-For a specified period of time?


23-We managed to create man from semen; How potent We are!


24-Woe to the deniers!


25-Didn’t We create the earth with gravity?


26-So that It could hold the living and the dead in itself?


27-And on it (We placed) the high and deep rooted mountains and the superpowers of religion so that from them the streams of life and streams of knowledge flow?


28-Woe to the deniers!


29-Walk in the path to what you are denying!


30-Shelter in the reign of what opens to you three branches of doom!


31-A refuge that is not pleasant nor shelters you from the hell!


32-(that) Throws at you flames as big as a palace! (The huge missiles);


33-That are lined up rows like yellow camels!


34-Woe to the deniers of God’s religion!


35-The hereafter is the day when you will have nothing to say and are doomed!


36-You will not be allowed to apologize!


37-Woe to the deniers!


38-That day is the day of differentiation between the right and the wrong; We will gather you together all in one place.


39-If you still have plots to plot, go ahead!


40-Woe to the deniers!


41-People of virtue are under the shade of God’s grace alongside the spring of vitality;


42-Matterial and spiritual fruits; whatever they desire:


43-Feel free! Eat and drink! Cheers! It’s all the fruit of your deeds!


44-This is how We reward the virtuous!


45-Woe to the deniers of God’s religion!


46-You deniers, eat and drink as much as you can! You are criminals!


47-Woe to the deniers!


48-When they are told: yield to God, they refuse!


49-Woe to the deniers!


5-Barring Koran and Islam, what else can they believe in?

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