Angels are forces that bring life and movement to the matter. The incendiaries are equipped with the same forces and that is why their flames leap forward and destroy everything in their path. What the nuclear explosions do to nature and human beings is well known. The same fires that the wrong doers impose on the oppressed people will be returned to their souls by the instantly effective will of the oppressed people- and not the fires made by fuel and tar as some assert). The heat will be concentrated in their bodies and that is the hell that Allah has informed us about.



Man’s goals dominate him in the same way that a traveler’s destination rules him and drags him along. The fate and future of a believer is like that of someone who walks upright and sees the destination, whereas a person whose goal is only the worldly possessions is like someone who crawls on the road and doesn’t see anything but the road.



In the supplication of “JAMI’AH” our Imams have been regarded as the carriers of God’s throne. That throne means knowledge; knowledge taught to the imams by Allah. The Imams are carriers of God’s throne because the carry His knowledge. God rules mankind through their knowledge. Of course their knowledge is different from that of God that is inherent; but, rather, it is an acquired knowledge. This acquired knowledge that has been wholly and completely granted by Allah has eight levels. Any accurate knowledge, whether acquired by a believer or a non believer, is in fact God’s knowledge that has been directly or indirectly conveyed to man by Him. Knowledge is not like a heavy or light substance that a carrier takes up; but, it is a spiritual phenomenon. Knowledge, starting from Imam Ali’s knowledge to whatever animals know, has eight levels and in Koran has been referred to them as the eight gates of paradise. The gates to paradise are in fact made from knowledge and they ultimately take man towards a comprehensive recognition of God. The gates of hell, too, are seven. This difference in number is due to the fact that the line of ignorance leads to an impasse, whereas the line of knowledge is extended to the eternity. The first level of knowledge is that possessed by the animals; the second, that of the disbelievers; the believers’ knowledge is the third. The forth class of knowledge is that of the previous apostles and then that of the prophets. That of God’s close friends is the sixth and the seventh class is ingrained in the hearts of the wholesome believers. The eighth class is the absolute knowledge that equals that of God Himself and belongs to the infallible household of our prophet.



The first few verses of the surah “ALMA”ARIJ” are about the resurrection in the hereafter in the opposite direction of the birth in the world. In the worldly birth the children are delivered to their parents, whereas in the hereafter the last generation who enters is that of Abel and Cane (his brother). Then, the move towards perfection of the human beings under the auspices of the infallible Imams begins. There, man has no task save learning and perfection and through walking in God’s line will reach the absolute perfection. This course will take 50,000 years to complete.



Mountains, in the words of the infallible imams have been interpreted to mean financial and religious superpowers, and sky, the sphere of the sciences belonging to the guardianship. “Opening up of the sky” means the opening up of the gates to knowledge. The grammatical form of “INFI’AL” in Arabic is used to represent the emergence of the nature of a verb; so “INFITAR” is the emergence of the nature of the verb “FATARA”.



“NAGHOUR” (74-8) has been interpreted to mean Imam Mahdi’s ears and this ayah is related to the hereafter. God the Almighty inspires in his ears to rise. No doubt this infallible Imam is the inaugurator of the hereafter.



The ayah “there are 19 (angels) assigned to it” shows that the power of the hell fire is 19 times that of an ordinary fire. It is possible that these 19 times are incremental in a way that each next time is like a circle that encompassed the previous circle, each of which has a much larger circumference.  The words derived from the root “SALA-YASLOO” that mean “setting fire to” or “igniting a fire” and are used to inform about how the hell is formed, all show that the hell fire is ignited by the disbelievers. They destroy life through these fires. Later, in Imam Mahdi’s rule, all these fires are returned from the bodies of the oppressed people to their own bodies.



The infallible Imams and other divine religious leaders will return to life. Each prophet intercedes on behalf of the virtuous amongst his own followers and takes revenge from his own people’s oppressors. At the beginning of the trial, first the leaders of those people are condemned or acquitted and then their followers.  Those leaders have been referred to as absolute believers or absolute disbelievers. That is because it is necessary that their followers see their condition while when their file is being reviewed and when unlike the world, they can be seen in their real faces. The followers of Mu’awiah, see the real face of their “commander of the faithful!” and the followers of Imam Ali (PBUH), see theirs. It is meant to let those who have been deceived by corrupt rulers get the chance to be acquitted, and those who have knowingly followed them, share their doom.


“TAKWEER” means the return of sun. When the sun rises, the light of stars become invisible; likewise, when the sun of the Imam’s guardianship (WILAYAH) rises, the other scientists will become invisible. When a doctor emerges who gives life to the dead and rejuvenates the old, how could the physicians be worth attention? That is also true for other scholars.  Those interpreters who have interpreted the word “TAKWEER” as darkening of the sun should refer to the ayah: “He lightens the night by the day”(39-5) to know that “TAKWIR” does not mean darkening. The ayah refers to the allegorical interpretation that is the position of guardianship. TAKWEER of the sun is the reemergence of the sun of guardianship.




Don’t be surprised. Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) is the heaven that contains the constellations This is the meaning of the narration saying: “Hers is the motherhood of Imams”; i.e. motherhood of Wilayah (guardianship) and Imamah (imamhood); that is the motherhood of science and philosophy. On the basis of the interpretations of Koran and narrations from the infallible household, she always has a degree of superiority over the other infallibles. The book Safinatul bihar quotes the Imam as saying: “she is the first delegate to Allah the High exalted in the paradise”.

Paradise that is the place of life in the hereafter is gained through her interference and is opened by her hands. The speech she made in the mosque by which she expressed views on scientific and factual themes is identical to those of Imam Ali (PBUH).  



The interpretation of GHASHIAH in this surah can be derived from ayah 11 of surah “ADDUKHAN” (the smoke) where in reference to the doom of the disbelievers it says:“So you watch for the day when the sky brings forth a prominent smoke; it blankets the people; this would be a painful torment”. The Arabic word “GHASHIAH” (the blanketing torment) refers to the nuclear devices carried by ICBMs that have laid siege to the world and the firing of which will lead to the death of the inhabitants of the earth. Elsewhere God says; “Be it known to you that Allah revives the earth after its death” (Imam Mahdi’s rise will be after the death of the earth inhabitants due to the nuclear war.). It is the same war in which as our infallible Imam predicted: “A third of the people will die, another third will be killed and a third will survive.” And after such a war there will be no solution except the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).



The night of “GHADR” (destiny) is the night when one goes into the mood of heartfelt connection to Allah and the light of faith shines in his heart and leads to the full conception of the divine truth. Through the blessings of the night of “GHADR” the believer’s heart  is enlivened like a radio set (receiving the message from the Almighty) whereas at the same time, the others are like disconnected radio sets.



“ASR” means the essence of history that is inherited by Imam Mahdi (PBUH). The ayah “We wrote down in the book of Psalms that “the earth will be bestowed as heritage to the virtuous servants of God” (21-105) and the interpretation thereof by Imam saying: “It is us who inherits the earth and all those who are on it”, is the basis of this interpretation. Humanity is like a tree of which the essence of the ultimate fruit is Imam Mahdi (PBUH).




After the passing away of the prophet’s uncle Aboutalib, the people of Mecca appointed his brother Aboulahab as the chief of the city.

The shameless person, rather than supporting his nephew, ostracized him from his clan- the Banihashim, declaring that he (Muhammad –PBUH) was not under protection of his clan and that every one was free to harm him! So, unlike the time of Abutalib, the prophet couldn’t stay in Mecca anymore and had to go another city, Taeif. Aboulahb then wrote a letter to the people of Taeif and asked them to harm him. This way he cut his blood relationships with the prophet. This let to the wandering of the prophet in the desert for some time. The ayahs revealed in the surah “Al  AHGHAF” related to the jinni of Nassibin are about this incident.


I thank God the Almighty for bestowing upon me the chance to translate this interpretation of Koran into English. Dignified readers will excuse me for all the short comings which are due to my lack of sufficient qualifications to do it.



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