In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This glorified surah takes its name from the word “MULK” in its first ayah. Its contents are wonders of Koranic miracles.


1-The God in whose hands is held the kingdom is consecrated and omnipotent; He is dignified and respected.


2-The God who created the death and the life in order to try you in this circle and to let it be known whose deeds of you are more rightful; He is respected and dignified.


3-Who has created the heavens in seven spheres encased inside one another. No defect or shortcoming can be detected in any of them. Have a close look, can you find any defects?


4-Have a closer look! You will get nothing but dismay (due to not being able to find any imperfection).


5-We decorated the heavens with stars and the sphere of religion with scholars. We assigned the scholars to repel and drive away the demons: We have prepared the torment of hell for you (demons)!


6-The fate of those who disbelieve in God is the fire of hell. What a bad outcome is born out of their deeds!


7-How loudly they will cry and clamor in that fire that is burning all the time!


8-(A fire that) ferociously breaks apart everything. Every party that enters the hell is told: Weren’t you warned by your messengers against such a day?


9-They reply: Yes! They did warn us, but we denied them and said to them that God had not revealed anything and that they were but ignorant and misguided.


10-Had we put to use our hearing and common sense we would not have fallen into such a torment.  


11-That is where they confess to their crimes. Down with the people of hell!


12-But, those who perceive God’s blessings in the (yet) unrevealed world, God’s mercy will engulf them and will receive a great reward.


13-Whether you talk secretly or whisper or talk loudly and openly, God knows all.


14-How is it possible for him not to know His creatures while he is dominant over everyone and everything?


15-He created the earth gentle and subdued for you. Move around it and enjoy the God’s blessings. Your final destination is towards Him.


16-What guarantees have you received from God for your safety? The earth may devour you; it is constantly trembling!


17-Or are you secured? He may rain rocks on you; you will very soon come to know God’s power.


18-Their bygone generations denied God’s power too; see how God’s calamities have descended upon them.


19-Witness the God’s power and greatness in the flight of the birds; some of which flutter and some fly with wings stretched out! Nobody holds them but God. God is aware and well informed of everything.


20-Or you suppose that your armies protect you without God’s permission! The disbelievers dwell on negligence and arrogance.


21-Or, if God does not bestow upon you your daily bread, who will be the one who can give you any? The disbelievers dwell on their obstinacy and transgression!


22-Tell us! Who is better guided? The one who crawls on the ground or he who walks up right, sees everything and walks the right path? (Foot note no. 272)


23-Say: He is God who has created you and has bestowed upon you sight and hearing. Why don’t you regard God’s blessings?


24-It is God who has raised you from water and soil and the earth and finally you will be transferred to His kingdom.


25-They ask: When comes the time promised? Tell us the exact time if you are truthful!


26-Tell them: knowledge of the exact timing lies with Allah. I just guide you and warn you against the torments of that day.


27-When they see that the hereafter is eminent and the face of the disbelievers turns dark and black due to their disbelief and sin, they will be told: behold the hereafter of which you were in denial!


28-Say: tell me; whether God takes me and my companions away or not, who can shelter the disbelievers from the torments of the world and hereafter? (Only my religion is your shelter).


29-He is the Compassionate and the Merciful; we believe in Him and regard Him as our guardian. He will unveil the misguided.


30-Say, if the water (of knowledge offered by guardianship) subsides, who has the power to return to you that reviving knowledge? [The Koranic knowledge and the position of Imam’s guardianship disappear under the piles of superstition and false beliefs, but they are revived by Imam Mahdi (PBUH).





            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This surah has been named Ghalam (pen) due to the presence of this word on its first ayah. The relationship between this word and the theme of mania in the next ayah is that the impeccable and infallible man is regarded a maniac in the primitive judgment of the ignorant who are unaware of the goal of creation. Also, it is the pen that is the source of the paradise and the hell.

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